Our Story

Timberyard Brewery is an independent craft brewery with a 5,000 square-foot taproom.
We are family-friendly and dog-friendly (outdoors only). 

Any questions? Feel free to visit our FAQ or Contact Us.

outdoor shot of building with snow on the ground


We’re located on the Spencer/East Brookfield line, right on RT.9. We’re located in the old Howe Lumber building, keeping a lot of their past heritage with old reclaimed wood and steel aesthetic.

packed taproom with lots of customers


Our Taproom is open and airy with high ceilings, german-style beer hall seating with long tables and benches, and a 1950 Chevy pick-up truck converted into a stage for our live music and features art from local artists.

shannon, a brewer, adjusting a tank

Our Team

Every member of our team plays an integral part in our growth, customer experience, and what makes Timberyard who we are.

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Our Kitchen prides itself in sourcing local ingredients from local farms.


Timberyard Beer


We source the freshest hops, local malts, and other quality ingredients that help us make delicious, drinkable beers. We brew a large variety of styles: traditional Pale Ales and IPAs, cloudy New England “juice-bombs”, fruity Farmhouse ales, funky sours, spicy aged beers, rich milk stouts, and even clean pale lagers for those hot summer days.


For a small team like ours, everyone is important. That means we try to hire amazing people and treat them well. We believe in hard work, and we also believe in having time to relax. We think that regardless of your title, everyone should be willing to scrub the toilet, and everyone should be able to share good ideas. We respect and trust our employees, and in return expect them to respect the job. We think of our co-workers as teammates, not employees, and we feel good to work should be rewarded.

matt pouring into tank
Taproom Community


We got into this business to make beer, not to make money. While we use most of our profits to help grow the brewery and hire more people, we also believe in giving something back to the community. We plan to donate a percentage of profits to charity, provide free beer for community events, and promote events that benefit local causes.